– Finest Belgian Chocolates since 1933 –

Pure chocolate since 1933

Our pralines have been made since 1933 according to the same philosophy: Tradition, craftsmanship, quality, freshness and respect to carefully chosen ingredients. We create an entire new assortment every two days.

Our chocolate only contains high quality cocoa butter and does not contain any other vegetable fats. All our fillings and creams are handmade.

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Sinterklaas is coming!
Treat your family, friends, family or colleagues with our homemade Sinterklaas chocolate. Black or milk chocolate, we have something for every taste. 

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Chocolaterie Sweertvaegher
BVBA Choco

Groendalstraat 8 – 2000 Antwerpen
03 226 36 91


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Monday – Saturday
10u – 18u


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